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Why I'm "Here"

I did not choose to be on this Lung Cancer Patient/Advocacy Road; it chose me. Had my late mother not been diagnosed with late stage inoperable lung cancer, I can say with a fair amount of certainty, I would not be on this road. We never considered the possibility of lung cancer because we did not know the facts. Lung Cancer is Not Just for Smokers.
I became an advocate because I did not want one other family to face the shock that our family did. NO ONE IS IMMUNE from a lung cancer diagnosis. My goal is to empower people with information in order to give them a fighting chance. My goal is to reframe the issue of lung cancer in order to address the social stigma currently associated with the disease. My goal is to support increased lung cancer research to find the cure.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Personalized Medicine and Lung Cancer

Branching off from the lung cancer advocate's path that I aम on has brought me to the issue of personalized medicine, genetics and the future of cancer research. Now is the time, as we debate the reform of health care in this country, to begin looking at the macro not only the micro, silo approach. The cancer research focus must evolve; it's not the silo approach - it's genomics, its the molecules. Let's see if we can get the dialogue going.
Also let's see if those who identify ourselves as being in the "lung cancer world can begin focusing on the macro picture - on the coalition that can "make it happen". Sharing is caring.
This is all hot off the press from DC where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Director designee of NIH - Francis Collins - a true renaissance man - his spouse is also pretty terrific

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