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Why I'm "Here"

I did not choose to be on this Lung Cancer Patient/Advocacy Road; it chose me. Had my late mother not been diagnosed with late stage inoperable lung cancer, I can say with a fair amount of certainty, I would not be on this road. We never considered the possibility of lung cancer because we did not know the facts. Lung Cancer is Not Just for Smokers.
I became an advocate because I did not want one other family to face the shock that our family did. NO ONE IS IMMUNE from a lung cancer diagnosis. My goal is to empower people with information in order to give them a fighting chance. My goal is to reframe the issue of lung cancer in order to address the social stigma currently associated with the disease. My goal is to support increased lung cancer research to find the cure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Day - Another year

My birthday has come and gone; celebrating in the North Carolina mountains was a first but not a last - the spirit of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains lives on. I met several lung cancer survivors - our paths seem to cross - this time I was not even wearing the large bracelet that generally speaks out to people -the conversation piece that never fails to be the catalyst it is meant to be.
For whatever reason, the future is very inviting.
Work is proceeding, albeit slower that I would want, on our new website - I just looked at additional proofs - it's worth the weight.

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