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Why I'm "Here"

I did not choose to be on this Lung Cancer Patient/Advocacy Road; it chose me. Had my late mother not been diagnosed with late stage inoperable lung cancer, I can say with a fair amount of certainty, I would not be on this road. We never considered the possibility of lung cancer because we did not know the facts. Lung Cancer is Not Just for Smokers.
I became an advocate because I did not want one other family to face the shock that our family did. NO ONE IS IMMUNE from a lung cancer diagnosis. My goal is to empower people with information in order to give them a fighting chance. My goal is to reframe the issue of lung cancer in order to address the social stigma currently associated with the disease. My goal is to support increased lung cancer research to find the cure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's hot

The hottest day of the year - just a few days ago I was in San Francisco wearing a sweater. We hit triple digits today and I must confess I found time and ran off to the boardwalk. My only excuse -- to myself-- was that the doctor's appointment that I thought would consume my day, was postponed until Wednesday.
We are definitely making headway on the new website; I'm really excited and am counting the days until it is finished.
I also had to spend sometime on what's going on with my condo community. After the community forum of Sunday night there were follow up phone calls. What you may ask does this have to do with lung cancer; well I would never have been living here if it wasn't for lung cancer. I was my mother's primary care giver - an opportunity for which I will be eternally grateful because it gave me a chance to get to know my mother - the circumstances were unfortunate; the interaction - priceless. I should have sold the place several years ago but didn't. No woulda, coulda, shoulda - I'm just going to make a decision as to where exactly I will be living and then.... -
Registered for another lung cancer symposium coming up next month. I find that it's helpful to attend these events - incredible learning opportunities.
Tomorrow is a networking night.

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